🌠The Munchables Universe


The universe of the Munchables was once a single, functioning cosmos. That harmony shattered when curiosity led to the pressing of a button that should never have been touched. The catastrophic result? A splintering of reality into separate realms of existence.

Now, the Munchables Universe consists of five distinct realms:

  • Everfrost: A landscape cloaked in ice and snow, where the chill bites as hard as the creatures.

  • Drench: Vast blue oceans where the Munchables navigate the depths and ride the tides.

  • Moltania: Blazing with fire, this is a realm where only the fiercest Munchables can thrive.

  • Arridia: A desert wasteland where survival is an art, mastered by the hardiest of beings.

  • Verdentis: A lush green forest, teeming with life and the nurturing essence of nature.

These scattered realms, each a reflection of the Munchables' fractured reality, hold the key to restoring their once harmonious world. The quest is to hatch and unite a new generation of Munchables, aid in their evolution, and foster connections among them. Only then can the cosmos be stitched back together, returning peace and harmony to the Munchables' universe.

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