A home for up to 6 of your Munchables that you want to be active

🏠 Where your Munchables live

The snuggery is the home of your Munchables. Munchables need to be snug and cosy before they can eat, and start to increase their chonk.

Only Munchables that live in a snuggery can be fed schnibbles.

A player can have up to 6 Munchables in their snuggery. Their snuggery must be tied to a realm.

πŸ“– Dictionary Definition

βœ’οΈ Noun

πŸ—£οΈ Snugg~er~ry

✏️ Derivatives/Synonyms: snuggles, snugs, snug-nest, home, comfy

1) I have 3 Munchables that live in my snuggery: Mystic Tanglebeard, Duskwhisker Furrlock, and Stellarshred Nomad. 2) Munchables thrive when they are well fed and in a comfortable snuggery.

3) Snuggery, sweet snuggery.

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