What are Munchables?

Munchables are adorable alien creatures that live as your onchain companions. They were separated into 5 realms due to a cosmic event, each with unique environments: Everfrost, Drench, Moltania, Arridia, and Verdentis.

How can I play?

You can play by acquiring a Munchable either by minting one during the lockdrop genesis event or buying one from the secondary market. You can then get schnibbles (food) by locking up your ETH or USDB in the lockdrop. By feeding and caring for your Munchables, they evolve. As they evolve, you get points which will have future utility and work as in-game rewards.

What is a lockdrop?

A lockdrop is a unique mechanism where you lock up ETH or USDB to participate in the game. This action is tied to minting Munchables and earning Schnibbles to evolve your Munchable.

How can I gain points?

Points are gained through various activities within the Munchables universe, including feeding your Munchables schnibbles, caring for them, and ensuring their evolution. Viewing and petting other Munchables along with participation in community events, contests, and achieving certain milestones with your Munchables may also contribute to point accumulation.

What are schnibbles?

Schnibbles are the universal food source for Munchables, designed to meet all their nutritional needs. They play a crucial role in the care and evolution of your Munchables. Players can acquire schnibbles by participating in the lockdrop. The amount of schnibbles you receive is based on your TVL.

Are Munchables' evolution stats transferable?

Yes, they are. The effort and care you put into your Munchable are reflected in the character's stats and are transferable when sold on the secondary market or used outside of the game. The strategic attention you provide your Munchable has lasting value.

How were Munchables created?

Munchables were brought to life through a symphony of cosmic creativity, blending digital magic with algorithmic gigabrain precision. Each Munchable is created with unique traits and personalities, thanks to a digital Blast during the Big Bang.

Can I interact with other players within the Munchables universe?

Absolutely! The Munchables universe encourages interaction through petting other players' Munchables, participating in community events, and engaging in friendly competition. These interactions not only enhance your Munchables' overall stats but also contribute to the overall ecosystem.

Do I still get the Blast native yield when I lock my funds up for the lockdrop event?

When you lock your funds up for the lockdrop event, you receive multiple benefits:

  • a free Munchable NFT for every 1 ETH or equivalent locked

  • all accrued Blast Points are passed through to players

  • 100% of Blast Gold which can only be earned by developers is passed through to players proportional to their Munch Points

  • future rewards will accrue to players based on their performance within the game

  • all funds locked into the game are fully withdrawable once the lock period has expired

The native blast yield provides a reliable revenue stream to the Munchables project which allows the team to grow and develop the game ensuring more value can be accrued back to the players.

Can I play the game on a mobile phone?

Not yet. There are plans in place for a native mobile experience, but we don't want to bite off more than we can chew. Munchables are known for their voracious appetites and if they eat too much, too quickly, they might get indigestion.

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