Showing some affection to another player's Munchable

🀚 Pet, stroke and play with a Munchable

Munchables are social creatures, they like to be petted. Pet a Munchable to earn schnibbles.

Munchables are lovers, not fighters. Why not visit another player’s snuggery and give their Munchables a pet? This earns you both schnibbles... and could make you a new friend for life.

Petting is an example of the social collaboration which will be a recurring theme through the game.

πŸ“– Dictionary Definition

βœ’οΈ Verb

πŸ—£οΈ Pet

✏️ Derivatives/Synonyms: pet, petted, stroke, hug, nuzzle, canoodle, affection

1) After petting another player's Munchable, I've earned more schnibbles.

2) I petted another player's Munchable and now we're friends.

3) CosmicFleece Voyager is a cutie! Pet it. PET IT!

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