🐣Hatched & Unhatched

Revealing a new Munchable

🐣 The process of revealing a Munchable after purchase

A player will receive a Munchable in an unhatched state. A player must hatch their Munchable to reveal what Munchable it is. This reveal process is random based on the rarity distribution.

πŸ“– Dictionary Definition

βœ’οΈ Verb

πŸ—£οΈ Hatched & Un~hatched

✏️ Derivatives/Synonyms: revealed, un-revealed

1) I've got 10 unhatched Munchables. I'm going to hatch one every time I go to the gym as a reward. 2) When I hatched my Munchable, I revealed Auragaze Whiskerling. I am now in love!

3) My Munchable is currently unhatched; I can't wait to hatch it so I can say hello.

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